Your system will be taken care of on a dedicated hardware landscape

No losses in case IT specialists leave the organization

Even though an „in-house“ hosting solution often appears cheaper at first glance: Do you really want the health of your system to rely entirely on your IT specialists? System failures and emergencies tie a big chunk of your resources, including most of your IT people. Other, more important and profitable tasks, are left behind.

Plus: The complexity of an entire IT landscape often makes unexpected spending necessary, thereby making your investment neither foreseeable nor projectable. Your work day becomes more reactive than otherwise necessary. Finances and productivity suffer.

Our SAP hosting solution turns all of these headaches into a relic of the past. Because when you choose our hosting solutions, we run your hardware inside our certified data centers on dedicated servers.

We keep a close eye on your SAP systems, so questions like…

„do I have the right hardware?“

„what to do in case of a systems failure?“

„are my systems appropriately secured?“

„do we have the perfect indoor climate?“ or

„what do I do in case IT specialists leave my organization?“

…are once and for all left in the past! Predictability, productivity and a focus on what counts take the place of stress and unanswered questions. No more worrying about databases, backups or standby servers. Our 24/7 support will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Speaking of solutions:

Did you know that you have the chance to get a non-binding cost estimate by filling out the form behind the following button? Not only do we keep your systems landscape safe, secure and updated at all times. We believe that protecting, maintaining and servicing your systems should be a predictable investment. Simply answer a couple questions and you know what to expect.

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Our data center

From the air-conditioning technology through access constraints to fibre optical cables: Everything inside our data center complies with modern standards of technology and security. That way your IT runs smoothly — even when everything else gets a little chaotic.

The most up-to-date air-conditioning technology for perfect temperatures

Safe and secure around the clock

Perfectly equipped and secured even when power outages occur

The fastest network connection

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Use the following contact form and talk to us about our 5 step process that makes switching a smooth and secure experience. This process, perfected over many years, allows us to minimize technical difficulties and thereby the downtime of your system.

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